Can you have mice and rats at the same time

Most of the people consider mice and rats as one single animal. But the truth is something else. The mice and the rats are the two different species of rodents belonging to one of the largest mammals' families known as Muridae. Although, both of these animals look a little similar and they are considered to be similar. But actually there are various differences among these two separate species. These differences depend upon their size, colors, habitats, reproductive cycles and several other features. But, there is one big similarity between these two animals, and that is of being very irritating and annoying to humans. This is because of their unnecessary and uninvited presence at almost all places and due to various damages they can cause to your house and households, such as creating a mess out of your place by discharging their feces all around, and by destroying your objects by chewing and creating holes in them. To understand the actual differences among mice and rats, you have to study them in detail.

Basic difference among rats and mice:

Following basic characteristics explains the basic variations between the mice and the rats;

Physical appearance:

Mice are generally small and light-weighted as compared to the rats. The average weight of an adult mouse would be fifteen grams and it could grow up to 7.5 inches and the weight of the adult rat would be 300 grams and its growth in inches would be around 18". Moreover, the mice are characterized with big ears and on the other hand, rats have small ears. Another feature of mice that separate them from rats is their ability to stand straight on their back legs with the support of their tail.


Although, mice and rats can eat anything they find. But mice prefer to eat plants, cereals, and grains whereas the rats will eat meat and grains more preferably. Mice would build their houses in any soft or easily available material like boxes or straws etc and rats will dig up their roosting in the ground.

Can mice and rats occupy the same place at a time:

Before having information about the differences between these two, you wouldn't even imagine any question like this to pop up in your mind. But now, when you're aware of several variations among mice and rats, you would probably think about their presence at the same place at a time. So, the answer to this question would be that, the mice and rats could exist at the same place, but it would be difficult for them to stay at that place for long. The reason is the several differences among them. The rats are larger in size and are more aggressive and ready to fight, whereas mice are smaller, calm and they couldn't handle fights finely with the rats. Rats can even eat the mice, it clearly explains that Mice will avoid the places where the rats are present. So, it would be possible in very few cases that you have to encounter rats and mice both at the same time.


There might be some situations when you could have mice and rats in one place. But, as mice have the fear of possible harm that rats can cause to them, the mice wouldn't stay at that place with rats for long. So, it would be very rare to have them both together.

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