Natural deterrent for Snakes

Snakes are carnivorous reptiles that are elongated and legless. They are covered in scales that help them to reduce friction and trap moisture in arid climates. Approximately 3000 species of snakes are found on this planet. Out of which 600 are extremely poisonous and are known to seriously harm or kill a human being. While nonvenomous snakes are not that harmless and could only cause a wound or injury.

Due to their flexibility of jaws, it's easier for them to swallow a prey three times larger than their mouth. Their extremely mobile heads and jaws enable snakes to devour their hunt effortlessly. They have narrow bodies, and their organs are accommodated in front of the other inline instead of side by side. Snakes come in literally every size and shape.

Being cold-blooded by nature, they are able to regulate their body temperature externally. Snakes are efficient to live in every climate, be it on land, dessert, forest and even in water. Some natural deterrents are described below to keep these dangerous animals out of your premises.


The citrus smell of the lemongrass plant plays a vital role in keeping snakes at bay. Lemongrass plant requires very low maintenance and demands extremely less supervision.

Essential oils

The pungent and strong scent of cinnamon, clove, and cedarwood oils acts as an effective repellent for snakes. You have two options to use these essential oils to deter snakes from your property. One is to make a spray using any of this essential oil and water in a large spray bottle. Add some drops of essential oil into the water, shake it well and spray it to the snake prone areas. The other option is to dip some cotton balls into essential oils and keep them near snake susceptible areas in a container. While using this natural repellent, you need to consider to keep dipping these cotton balls into essential oil as they tend to lose their aroma with the passage of time.

Rose plant

Rose plants help indirectly to keep snakes away because snakes like to enter birdhouses to eat their eggs while they don't go near rose plants. So, if you have bird’s nest in your house, you need to plant roses to keep snakes away.


In order to get rid of snakes, you can pet chickens as they like to hunt snakes and other insects.

Garlic and Onions

High contents of amino acid sulfoxides in garlic and onions are unbearable for snakes; even this sulfonic acid can make humans cry. You can use a mixture of garlic and onions with rock salt as a hurdle or barrier between your house and snakes. The strong smell of this natural acid will not let the snakes invade your boundary.


White vinegar is acidic in nature; it can really help to restrict snakes. You can spread it around your lawn.

Predator urine

Buy predator urine for snakes from the market and pour it around the snake prone areas to create a defense.

Below are some minor toxic chemicals that can be used if the condition has gotten worse, but these are commonly used and are not harmful.





Expert tips:

Some expert tips are given that can help to keep home areas clean and avoid snakes or other insects: 1. Remove debris
2. Put traps
3. Fencing
4. Eliminate food remainders
5. Clean up food residues
6. Close garbage cans
7. Mow the grass

Hopefully, this article will help you to get rid of snakes really soon.

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